As an exceptional education teacher and former public school employee, it is disheartening to see that even in 2023 not all students with disabilities are given access to the free and public education they are promised. This has been a huge issue for a long time and I know firsthand how children can be shortchanged in the school system. It is occurring and it is appalling. Kudos to these parents for standing their ground and fighting, not only for their child, but for all students with exceptionalities. Parents have a lot more power when it comes to their child’s education than they know and a well documented IEP is their greatest weapon. The problem is many parents are in the dark as to how the system works and often aren’t educated on their child’s rights and how to fight for them. Let me assure you: You, the parent, are THE MOST POWERFUL person in that room. It may not feel like that when you are sitting around a table with a group of professional educators but you can change the tide of the entire process. Educate yourself. Hire an advocate. Talk to a former teacher like me. You CAN fight the system and win many battles on behalf of your child and all the others that will come after. You can check out the article here at